Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion is when a visitor to your website takes an action that you want him / her to take. Optimization is how best a conversion can be achieved. Be it improving the appearance or placement of a Call to Action on your website or analysing the best path to conversion or A/ B testing one or multiple pages or interface elements.

Find the best Conversion Rate Optimization products available to improve your business. Explore, compare and find out how various tools helps in achieving your key business metrics and the performance of your website

Mobile Analytics

Its a mobile first world out there and ThoughtMetric brings you the best Mobile App Analytics Software products for your business. Measure, understand, analyse and optimize user behaviour to deliver the best mobile experience.

Ranging from targeting the source of users through mobile attribution analytics to understanding user behaviour using heatmaps and user recordings to analysing real time information to test your assumptions. ThoughtMetric helps you find, explore and compare the best products in mobile analytics

Web Analytics

Track and analyse web traffic, understand what works right and what doesn’t for your business, engage and retain existing customers, find the source of your new customers and much more with Web Analytics.

ThoughtMetric lists the best products in the world of digital analytics and helps you find, explore, learn and compare the best web analytics tools in the market to help you make informed decisions about the products that you wish to invest in.